Winery workers win new Agreement

Winery workers win new Agreement

From vast workplaces to the smallest employers – everyone deserves a job they can count on.

United Voice members know that if you work together, you can win one – no matter where you work.

At Nepenthe Wines, every vineyard worker is a member of United Voice.

Through unity and hard work, these members have now won a new Vineyard Enterprise Agreement with improved pay and conditions.

Members won pay rises of 3% per year for 3 years, improved shift penalty rates, reduced maximum overtime provisions, without giving up any conditions of employment.

Nepenthe Wines began as 19 hectares of vines in 1994. It has now grown to be a fixture of the Adelaide Hills wine region, and was purchased by Australian Vintage Ltd in 2007.

“We work hard and our management know it. We take pride in our work and just get on with doing the job well. That’s why there was mutual respect going into negotiations,” United Voice member Dave said.

It helps that we’ve all worked together a long time – I’ve been here the longest, for 17 years!”

Kenneth, a United Voice Bargaining Representative said that even in small workplaces, you can win good pay and conditions.

“In the wine industry there are a lot of small wineries like ours, and we’d like them to know that you still deserve Jobs You Can Count On if you’re a part of a smaller workforce.

“You just need to work together.”