"Thank you for working in aged care" Day

"Thank you for working in aged care" Day

Every day, United Voice members in aged care strive to give the best possible care to residents and make their homes great places to live.

We know that residents and their families appreciate all your hard work, and you deserve recognition.

Wednesday, September 12 is Thank you for working in Aged Care day.

We are inviting you and your aged care community – residents, their families, and workers – to join together and celebrate the great work done by everyone in aged care.

What you can do on Wednesday, September 12

  • Hold a morning tea or activity for workers, residents and their families (and send us a photo of your event to share on social media! If you're unsure about photographing your workplace uniform or logo, you can hold up a sign in front of you)
  • Dress up your union noticeboard before the day
  • Encourage you co-workers, residents and their families to wear a campaign sticker

You can follow the Our Turn to Care campaign at: www.facebook.com/ourturntocare

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to one of your Organisers: Joy Higgins on 0418 803 005, Jo Brown on 0407 798 419, Donna Douglas on 0439 933 001, or Jill Hillard on 0419 849 813

Send photos of your union noticeboard or your activity to saagedcare@unitedvoice.org.au