Spotless: You voted Yes!

Spotless: You voted Yes!

On Friday, 24 January 2019, the ballot to approve your new Agreement returned an overwhelming 98.3% YES vote.

This is a fantastic result, with an impressive 824 employees participating in the ballot process.

The new proposal includes:

  • Wage parity with the public sector to be maintained for the life of the Agreement
  • 3% wage increase each year
  • 11 days personal leave per year
  • Maintaining all current penalty rates and allowances
  • Maintaining the clause for casual conversion

Next Steps

Your Agreement must now be lodged with the Fair Work Commission for approval. The Agreement will become effective seven days after it is approved.

This is an impressive achievement by United Voice members at Spotless.

By working together as union members, workers at Spotless can ensure the new Agreement is properly implemented and achieve even more.

Ask your co-workers to join United Voice today!

For any questions, contact your United Voice Delegate or Union Organiser:

Kendall Cousins on 0400 188 814 or Charles Wright on 0418 834