Spotless EB Update

Spotless EB Update

Spotless: Important EB Update

Your United Voice bargaining representatives and Spotless have now reached agreement on a proposed new Enterprise Agreement, which will go to ballot tomorrow.

During three years of negotiations, Spotless sought to cut many members’ entitlements such as penalty rates and allowances, but members stayed strong.

This proposal includes:

  • Wage parity with the public sector to be maintained for the life of the Agreement

  • 3% wage increase each year

  • 11 days personal leave per year

  • Maintaining all current penalty rates and allowances

  • Maintaining the clause for casual conversion

How to Vote

The ballot opens tomorrow, Friday January 18 and closes at 3pm on Thursday, 24 January.

Workers can vote using the laptops set up in each Department area. If you have any questions about how to vote, speak to one of United Voice Delegates.

Well done to all United Voice members for their strength and unity throughout Enterprise Bargaining negotiations.

Remember to vote for your new Agreement!


For any assistance, contact your United Voice Delegate or Union Organiser Kendall Cousins on 0400 188 814