SA educators march for Equal Pay

SA educators march for Equal Pay

On Wednesday 5 September, over 7000 early educators from across Australia walked off the job in support of the Big Steps campaign for Equal Pay.

United Voice Delegate Bec Stiles said,

“It was amazing to march together to Parliament House. It felt powerful, and we knew that people were really hearing us.

“We really felt like the Australian public is behind us.”

United Voice Delegate Deb Christie said,

“It was great to see people walking past and applauding, or asking questions about our campaign.

“We really engaged with members of the public and were able to get our message heard on Equal Pay.”

At the Adelaide Equal Pay Rally educators endorsed a resolution condemning the Federal Government for their inaction on equal pay, and pledged to campaign to put the Liberals out of office at the next federal election.

United Voice Delegate Shannon Lavery said, “Enough is enough. We have waited too long for this government to deliver professional wages.

“There are 100,000 early educators in Australia, and this election we will stand together. We will be talking to the millions of parents, grandparents and families around Australia about why they should vote for equal pay.”

Early Childhood Educators are committed to making equal pay an election issue.