SA Branch holds first Hospitality Forum

SA Branch holds first Hospitality Forum

On 31 July 2018, the United Voice SA Branch held our first Hospitality Industry Forum.

The event brought together United Voice members and Delegates from a range of hospitality workplaces such as the Adelaide Casino, Adelaide Convention Centre and Entertainment Centre, pubs, accommodation hotels, and Clubs.

Members discussed the unique challenges they faced working in hospitality, and shared stories and insights about the strategies they had used in the past.

As a group they discussed the larger issues facing workers in their industry, and made plans for how United Voice members could tackle these in the future.

Aaron works at a busy northern Adelaide pub.

“It was good to meet other union members and Delegates from other venues, and interesting to hear that they were having similar problems and experiences. It really shows that we face the same issues across all aspects of the hospitality industry.”

The energy and enthusiasm from hospitality members was simply inspiring.

United Voice member Jodie said,

“It was really good to have so many of us attend from different areas.

“I didn’t realise our issues would be so similar.

“Having an opportunity to speak with workers from other areas is something we don’t normally have in our industry, because there are so many small localised workplaces.

“Being able to share information across sites is going to be a powerful tool for workers in hospitality.”

Stay tuned for more events like this in the future.

If you work in hospitality and would like more information, please contact Assistant Secretary Donna Duke at: