Australia needs a pay rise!

On Saturday September 1, Union members from across the country participated in the Change the Rules National Doorknock. Read more

Allwater members win backpay at Tribunal

In 2016, United Voice members at Allwater won a fair Enterprise Agreement through industrial action and unity. As part of this Agreement, workers won wage increases of 2% per year,... Read more

Your guide to wage theft

Stealing is wrong, and yet every year thousands of Australian workers are robbed. They are the victims of wage theft. Read more

Five decades of union membership

United Voice member Dimitrio Tsipianitis, affectionately known as Jimmy, has reached an amazing milestone. He has been a United Voice member for over 50 years. Jimmy started work at Metro... Read more

SA educators march for Equal Pay

On Wednesday 5 September, over 7000 early educators from across Australia walked off the job in support of the Big Steps campaign for Equal Pay. Read more

Calvary workers win new Agreement

United Voice members at Calvary Aged Care have come a long way. In mid 2017, United Voice members commenced bargaining with Calvary. Read more

Return to Work re-training win

Chris* was working as a chef when he was injured at work in 2016. He went through the Return to Work process, but even after treatment was told he would... Read more

Prison workers win fair Agreement

United Voice members working for G4S Mount Gambier Prison have worked hard to win a new Enterprise Agreement. Read more

United Voice members campaign to keep Disability Services SA Can Count On

In June 2018, the State Liberal Government announced their proposal to privatise supported community accommodation services and group homes. Read more