Allity members win new agreement!

United Voice members at Allity Aged Care have recently won a new Enterprise Agreement. Members commenced negotiations with Allity in July last year, after several months of surveying members and... Read more

SA Pathology couriers win full time job!

Two United Voice members working at SA Pathology as couriers have recently won full time jobs. In the last United Voice-negotiated Enterprise Agreement, part time workers won the right to... Read more

Hospital workers win permanent jobs

United Voice members Kerry, Pauline, Tammy and Lorri worked as casuals in the kitchens of the Lyell McEwin Hospital for SA Health. Read more

Aged Care Workers Get What They’re Owed

In February 2015, Estia management extended the day shift at the Encounter Bay site by 15 minutes. This meant all aged care staff had to stay an extra 15 minutes longer. ... Read more

Winery workers win new Agreement

From vast workplaces to the smallest employers – everyone deserves a job they can count on. United Voice members know that if you work together, you can win one –... Read more

Chef wins backpay for injury claim

Sandra Cross worked as a casual chef for many years in a busy kitchen. Over the years she began to develop pain in her feet and ankles during busy shifts.... Read more

Aged care worker wins payments back

United Voice members in aged care know that their work can be physically demanding, and aged care has some of the highest rates of workplace injury in Australia. Read more

Our Turn to Care: United Voice campaign celebrates aged care workers

On Wednesday September 12, United Voice members in aged care celebrated the first “Thank You for Working in Aged Care Day.” Read more

SA Branch holds first Hospitality Forum

On 31 July 2018, the United Voice SA Branch held our first Hospitality Industry Forum. Read more