Minda workers win fair Agreement

Minda workers win fair Agreement

Workers at Minda have recently voted up their new Enterprise Agreement after a long EB campaign. 

Workers at Minda have recently voted up their new Enterprise Agreement.

This new Agreement is the product of more than a year of hard work by United Voice members and bargaining representatives.

United Voice members began negotiating with Minda for a new Enterprise Agreement in April 2015.

Members put forward reasonable claims – a fair wage increase each year and to maintain their current conditions of employment.

Minda initially proposed:

  • no wage increase for three years
  • a reduction in penalty rates
  • adverse shift changes


This offer was well below members’ expectations.

Instead of accepting this offer, members got active.

This included wearing stickers, waving signs, signing petitions, and a public rally of over 250 members and supporters.

All these actions sent a message to Minda Senior Management: that members were strong and united.

United Voice Delegate Jo Holloway said, “All of the bargaining reps in these negotiations worked extremely hard over a long period of time. It was especially important to explain each step to members and keep everyone engaged in the process.

“I think the result shows what you can do when you stick together.”

After considerable negotiations, United Voice bargaining reps were able to secure a fair wage increase of 2% per year, and no reductions to penalty rates and entitlements.

Branch Secretary David Di Troia said, “Well done to all members who took action in support of your wages and conditions. Members being actively involved in the bargaining process is the key to making real progress.”

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