members win back unpaid overtime

members win back unpaid overtime

Rita* (name changed due to confidentiality) works in the security industry. After being in the same job for a couple of years, she found she was often asked to stay back for several hours due to staff shortages.

Rita was entitled to accrue time off in lieu (TOIL) for the extra hours she worked, but was never provided this by her employer. Rita asked her boss about this but got nowhere. She knew this was wrong, so Rita contacted the Members’ Rights Centre. The MRC also tried to address the issue with Rita’s employer but they denied anything was owed.

So the matter was referred to the United Voice industrial team, who filed in the South Australian Employment Tribunal on her behalf.

At the Tribunal, Rita was awarded $3,500 for her unpaid TOIL.



John* (name changed due to confidentiality) worked in the private disability sector for many years. He often worked extra hours but never was paid for them. John was worried about raising this issue with his boss. After he left to find a better job, John decided to follow this up.

His former employer paid him a small amount, but John thought he was still owed unpaid wages. It was difficult to prove because John didn’t have copies of his payslips. So John called his union. The United Voice industrial team took on his case, and filed legal proceedings to obtain all of John’s wage records.

These showed that John was still owed over $1,000. After United Voice took the case to the Tribunal, John’s former employer paid him the wages he was owed.

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