Riverview Lutheran Homes Training Update

Riverview Lutheran Homes Training Update

Members at Lutheran Homes have reported that management are requesting they complete mandatory training in their own time.  This includes workers completing training at work being told  training is “in your own time” and is not paid.

If you are required to undertake mandatory training, this is still considered work and you should receive payment.

Under the Aged Care Award 2010, there is a requirement that workers are paid for a minimum engagement. This minimum engagement is:

  • 4 hours for Full time workers
  • 2 hours for Permanent Part time workers and casuals

Is this happening to you?

If you are being asked to complete training in your own time, now is the time to join your colleagues and stand together.

All workers should be paid for work they perform, and this includes training.

Working together as United Voice members is the best way to win Jobs You Can Count On.

If you have not yet joined United Voice, call United Voice on 8352 9300 or click here

If you have any questions about training, please contact your United Voice Official Joy Higgins on 0418 803 005.