Lighthouse Disability: Ballot delayed

Lighthouse Disability: Ballot delayed

The ballot for your proposed Enterprise Agreement has been delayed due to an unintentional error by Lighthouse management.

Because Lighthouse failed to give employees the required notice of the ballot, voting will now begin at 9am on Monday, February 11 and close at 5pm on Friday, February 15 at the Lighthouse office at 101 Park Terrace, Salisbury.

Lighthouse has assured United Voice representatives that these dates are correct and the ballot will occur without further delay.

Your representatives recommend a YES vote to the proposed Agreement.

This proposal includes:

  • Sunday loading increased to double time
  • Improvements to meal break entitlements
  • Introduction of Family Violence Leave
  • Maintaining shift definitions and loadings
  • Maintaining minimum hours of engagement
  • Commitment to permanent ongoing employment

Copies of the proposed Agreement and further details of how to vote are available on the Lighthouse intranet, or by asking your Lighthouse Manager.

It’s important that as many United Voice members as possible vote in the ballot, so your voices are heard.

Well done to all United Voice members for their strength and unity throughout Enterprise Bargaining negotiations.

For any assistance, contact Union Organiser Anne-Marie Griffin on 0439 828 291