Keep Disability SA campaign has huge win!

Keep Disability SA campaign has huge win!

United Voice members have made their voices heard.

Yesterday the Department of Human Services advised that they would not pursue their proposal to privatise Accommodation Services at this time.


What’s happened so far

In June 2018, the Marshall State Government announced their intention to privatise disability services in supported community accommodation.

United Voice members immediately voiced their opposition to the plan by engaging in consultation, submitting feedback, signing the petition, taking action, and joining with the community to launch the campaign “Keep Disability SA.”

According to an update yesterday from the Group Executive Director to workers:

“You can reassure the people we support that Accommodation Services will still provide their services if that’s what they want while the NDIS matures.”

This is a fantastic achievement by all the United Voice members who joined the campaign and worked collectively to stop the privatisation of these essential services.

This result was won through a combination of your collective action, and the strength of clauses in your Enterprise Agreement that prevent privatisation and outsourcing.


Next Steps

This is a significant win, but the campaign to Keep Disability SA isn’t over.

The State Government has not reversed its position.

United Voice members will need to stay vigilant as the NDIS matures, to ensure that State Government continues to provide these essential services and your entitlements are maintained.

That’s why it’s important for all United Voice members and supporters to continue to be active in the campaign, and to show that Disability SA is the best provider for providing a high-level support for people living with disabilities in South Australia.

United Voice will keep members informed of any further developments.