Campaign Update: Disability Services South Australia Can Count On

Campaign Update: Disability Services South Australia Can Count On

United Voice members have overwhelmingly rejected the State Liberal Government and DHS’s proposal to privatise your work in supported community accommodation services and group homes. This proposal has raised serious concerns from members.

United Voice members are committed to campaigning for Government Disability Services that SA Can Count On.

Know Your Rights

In the meantime, your Enterprise Agreement contains a range of protections for members.

Job Security: Your Agreement states that ‘No work performed by weekly paid employees will be outsourced, contracted out or privatised.’ (Clause 15)

Consultation: The State Government will continue to provide high quality supported community accommodation services and group homes, and that any changes to services have to be achieved by agreement between the employer and United Voice. (Clause 24)

United Voice has written to the Minister advising that DHS’s proposal is in breach of these provisions, which forms a key part of your campaign.

Alternative employment: In the event that privatisation occurs, all permanent employees have the right to be redeployed   and/or retrained into a suitable alternative role within Government if you do not choose to take a voluntary separation package. You cannot be forced to take a voluntary separation package or to transfer your employment to a non-Government organisation. (Appendix 1)

Campaign Update

Your campaign to keep disability services in supported community accommodation services is just beginning and will continue to escalate.

  • 100 United Voice members attended Parliament to lobby politicians
  • members and supporters are signing petitions
  • United Voice has met with ‘DCSI Parents and Friends Association’. Many parents and family members are concerned about the proposed changes, and have shown a willingness to join the campaign.

Next Steps

Planning is currently underway for the next steps in escalating the campaign. Stay tuned for more information and activities in the coming weeks. United Voice will keep members informed of correspondence between the union and the Department.

United Voice members are strong and united on this issue, and are ready to take an active role in this strategic campaign.


If you have any questions, please contact your United Voice Official, Tony Boyle on 0439 933 903 or Kyall Smith on 0417 848 106