Know Your Rights at Boandik Lodge: Proposed Roster Changes

Know Your Rights at Boandik Lodge: Proposed Roster Changes

Members have contacted United Voice regarding roster changes at Boandik Lodge.

Members were informed at a handover meeting that Boandik Lodge planned to change rosters from 30 July, 2018 without consultation.

Have you been affected?

Changes to rosters can mean uncertainty for workers, through reduction of hours or through increased workloads.

If you are affected by roster changes, do not agree to anything in writing until you have spoken to your Union Official.

What you need to know

  • Permanent workers’ hour cannot be changed unless you agree in writing to the changes. (Clause 4.2.3 of your Agreement: Boandik Lodge Inc. United Voice & ANMF Aged Care Employees Enterprise Agreement 2017)
  • You have a right to be consulted about changes to your roster. (Clause 3.4 of your Agreement)

United Voice has written to your employer requesting information regarding the proposed changes, and to meet with workers in paid time to discuss the proposal.

We have also requested that no changes take place until consultation has occurred.

When workers stand together, they are strong.

Speak to your colleagues about joining United Voice so that we can work together to maintain Jobs You Can Count On at Boandik Lodge.

If you have any questions, please contact United Voice Official Jill Hillard on 0419 849 813