Aged care worker wins payments back

Aged care worker wins payments back

United Voice members in aged care know that their work can be physically demanding, and aged care has some of the highest rates of workplace injury in Australia.

Jayne was assisting a resident in her role at an aged care centre when she injured her arm.

It took three months of treatment and physiotherapy for Jayne to recover enough to return to her full duties. Return to Work compensated her for her lost income during this time.

Four months later, Jayne re-injured the same arm while assisting a resistive resident at work. She had to take more time off work.

However, this time Return to Work told her that she was only eligible for an amount $200 less per week.

“They said it was tendonitis which flared up again because of my repetitive work duties.

“When my payments were so much lower, at first I assumed that was right. I didn’t really know to question it.

“When I looked into it further, I found they were basing my payments on my reduced wages because of my first injury, instead of my full wage.

“It didn’t sound right to me. So I called the union.”

Jayne contacted the Members’ Rights Centre, who referred her file to the industrial team to file a dispute.

“I found the union to be really helpful, and they kept me really well informed. My case had to go through a number of people because Return to Work kept refusing to pay the full amount.

“It was a relief to have the union dealing with Return to Work, instead of me having to contact them.

“In the end the union took my case all the way to the Tribunal and won.”

United Voice was able to resolve Jayne’s claim and her full income support was restored.

“If you’re ever unsure of what your rights are, call the union.

“You might think what you’re getting is right, but you should always check that you are being paid correctly and receiving all your entitlements.

“It pays to be in the union!

“I would never have known that I was entitled to more, if I hadn’t made that call to United Voice.”

If you are unsure about your entitlements, call the Members’ Rights Centre on 1800 825 468