Aged Care Update

Aged Care Update

Dear member,

The recent media coverage of the aged care sector has been confronting.

You work hard every day to deliver quality care to elderly South Australians, and you know that the sector is critically under-funded.

The current Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, cut billions of dollars of aged care funding when he was Treasurer.

Now he has announced a Royal Commission into aged care.

Your sector will be in the spotlight.

United Voice will be working to ensure that members’ voices are heard during this time, and will be fighting back against any attempt to blame workers for the current crisis in the sector.

We know who is responsible for where we are now.

It is up to the Federal Government to increase funding for quality services for elderly Australians, and decent wages for the workers who care for them.

This Royal Commission is an opportunity for aged care members to tell their stories.

United Voice will keep you informed of any developments as we learn more, and of ways you can become involved.

United Voice is committed to campaigning for better funding to the aged care sector, for quality services and higher wages for workers like you.

Whilst we welcome a Royal Commission into aged care, we already know what the problems are: wages are too low and staffing levels are not adequate to provide the quality care our members strive for.

The Federal Government needs to start funding the aged care sector properly.

To get involved with the Our Turn to Care campaign, click here or follow the campaign on facebook.

It’s Our Turn to Care.

In Unity,

David Di Troia
Branch Secretary
United Voice SA